I'm Jen. I'm a Product Manager with Kuali, an open source higher education software company. I started this blog to reflect on my product management learning journey. (This is a personal blog and I do not represent the company, employees, customers, or partners in this space.)

Provocative Product Management

'Provocative' is a word that accurately describes my approach to learning and collaboration. I enjoy engaging in stimulating exploration and have a tendency to question the status quo and suggest alternatives when 'best' practices don't fit the current context.


I think I first registered injenuity.com in 1999 and it has been my handle around the Web since then. Select the Twitter link in the footer if you'd like to connect.


I've been through many blogging iterations, from mommy blogs to edublogs to professional blogs for my employers. Managing comments has never made me happy. This is an experiment in comment-free blogging. If something I write provokes you to respond, I encourage you to create content in your own online space and share your thoughts with your existing communities.